Friday, October 15, 2010

Info on Isaak - Technician

Isaak is another of our technicians. When asked what he liked most about his work, Isaak said, “I like working on the engines, that's what I do the most. I also like the people I work with.” In Isaak's two and a half years at West Park, a highlight for Isaak was when he had to replace a front cover and oil pump on a fire truck. “I had never done it before,” Isaak recalled, “but it all went smoothly and I completed the job in under ½ the allotted time. I like it when jobs turn out like that!” If it's anything mechanical, Isaak will find a way to do it and do it efficiently. Isaak's favourite GM is the Camaro in white with black stripes but he'd like an Equinox for his family.

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